About The Album
Take Your Time” took several years to finish, recorded in parts of Southern California and completed in Colorado with an all-star line-up. Eddy Lieberman wanted this album to be the perfect representation of what he wanted to express so you could hear, as well as feel it. “Take Your Time” was absolutely worth the wait to “get it right”, steadfastly encouraged by Eddy’s Manager and Executive Producer, Donna Pulliam. Eddy was also fortunate enough to have an all-star band, out of Los Angeles, to “play” with in developing the songs. Gary Ferguson & Skip Edwards are musical legends, with a host of other excellent “side men”. Their imprint on Eddy Lieberman’s music is audible and palpable. He treated each piece like a specimen in a laboratory. Eddy would come up with the idea of the song, bring it to the musicians with the “tonal” concept in mind, and would then encourage them to create their own take on the vision. If you like rock, it’s here. If you like jazz, it’s here. If you like jammin’, it’s here. If you want songs that will stick in your head, or pieces of music that make you smile, cry, jump for joy, or cause you to make a difference in the world, it’s here. So sit back and enter the journey with Eddy and his exceptional array of musicians…Just be sure to “Take Your Time”. Have a listen below!

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Album Credits
All kinds of Vocals & Guitars – Eddy Lieberman
Percussive Perfection – Gary Ferguson (Gary is also playing Bass & Rhythm Guitar on “Take Your Time”)
A Million Layers of Keys – Skip Edwards
Bassist Extraordinaire – Taros Prodaniuk
Keyboard Magnificence on “Heavy Miles” – Reggie Hendrix R.I.P. my friend
Weaving Keys on “Changing Lives” – Mark Mcmillen
Beautiful Backing Vocals – Laura Moser, somewhere residing in the Bay Area
Smooth Sax – Joe Shashaty
Dreamy Slide Guitar on “Changing Lives” – Mark Shark
Channeling Miles Davis on “Heavy Miles” – Clifford Young
Shredding Guitar and Angelic Acoustic on “Take Your Time” – Willman Morcillo
Vocals on “Where’s Mac” by my wonderful triplets Kristen, Stephanie, & Scott
Dog howling on “Where’s Mac” is Mac, our Shitzsu
Produced and Engineered by Gary Ferguson, with a great start from Sydney Thompson and fine tuning by Val Valentine.
Mixed by the always patient Paul Schwotzer
Mastered by Michael Hateley, who has been in my corner for the duration of this project
All songs written and arranged by Eddy Lieberman (“Peaceful Warrior” was co-written by Scott Ferguson, wherever you are)
Lyric tweaks by the magnificent singer songwriter Joe Uveges

Photography by Mark Fesgen, who knows how to make me look great!

“Who Knows” is dedicated to the memory of Nels Tahti, who always spoke the Truth

Spoken word quotes in “Who Knows” are from the Dali Lama’s book “On Death and Dying”. A portion of the proceeds of this song will go to a charity in his name

Finally, a heartfelt thanks and hug to my two biggest fans, Executive Producer Donna Pulliam and the love of my life, my wife Madeleine