Seeing the power and magic that a vehicle such as music could make in the world, Eddy Lieberman started playing guitar as a young teen. Even to this point, he loves simply jamming with his friends, looking for that moment in time when everyone in the room knew they’d just created something special. Inspiring new bright young artists to find their own vision and performance, Eddy teaches music occupationally when he’s not performing.

Whether playing in an assortment of different bands, spending countless hours writing or arranging, to adding his special sound to someone else’s music, there is never a time where Eddy isn’t doing something musically related.. There isn’t a style Eddy doesn’t like, and this is made obvious in how he approaches a piece of music, I.e. like a fan.

Eddy Lieberman is a walking, talking juke box. His influences span several genres as well as decades of music. Enjoying classic rock, the blues, jazz, country, world, and spiritual music, Eddy is always looking for ways to enhance the musicality of a piece.  Whatever a song needs, Eddy works hard to find the missing ingredient that will make a difference.

His music will put a smile on your face, move you to reflect and tap your feet at the same time. Feel free to look around, read more, listen to his first album, and send us an email if you have any questions!

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